iphone case 7 plus apple

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iphone case 7 plus apple

The last time Motorola released a tablet, it looked like this. The information comes from an anonymous source, though Android Police is "highly confident in the quality" of the information. CNET last reviewed a Motorola tablet in 2011. The Motorola Xoom won the Best of Show award at CES and, at the time, was tough competition against the Apple iPad. Based on the speculation, this new model could be a productivity-geared device more comparable to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. If so, a keyboard or stylus accessory (or both) would be needed to truly compete with the Surface Pro 4 or iPad.

Motorola would also have to nail the price to truly entice shoppers, since Android productivity apps are now available on many Chromebooks, making them an increasingly attractive alternative for those interested in an affordable and portable work machine, Motorola didn't return requests for comment, The speculated slate is expected to have a "productivity mode."Rumor has it Motorola is tinkering with iphone case 7 plus apple a new tablet, It's expected to be a premium 9- or 10-inch Android tablet with a "productivity mode" that allows apps to be pinned to the navigation bar for easy multitasking, Other specs and details like pricing and availability are unknown..

However, that's not the only option, and not necessarily even the best. Instead, consider repurposing that old phone. You might be surprised at some of the feats it can perform. Here are some of my favorite uses for a discarded Android. This oldie can still be a goodie. It's a hard truth: Phones get lost, stolen and broken every day. I don't know about you, but I'd be in pretty dire straits if something happened to my phone. The straits would be less dire, though, if I could just grab my old standby. I'd still have access to my calendar, contacts, email and the like (because they're all synced), along with daily-use apps like Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, my password manager and so on. There's really no better short-term rescue option.

In fact, if you still have your new phone (assuming it's merely busted and not lost or stolen), you can probably just pop the SIM card out and back into the old phone, restoring voice and data until repairs are made, Of course, you don't have to stick the old phone in a drawer and leave it there in case of disaster; you can also keep it as a low- or even no-cost second line, For example, if it's an unlocked GSM model, grab a SIM card from Freedompop (about $13, or AU$17, £10) and sign up for the Basic plan, It affords you 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages and 200MB of 4G data per month iphone case 7 plus apple -- at no charge..

For more on this idea, check out my post on how to set up a backup phone. Whatever you're recording -- a wedding, a kid's soccer game, a music video or your sure-to-win-the-film-fest indie movie -- nothing beats multiple cameras. When it comes time to edit, you can mix footage from different angles and positions to create much more interesting video. Needless to say, your old Android can make a great second camera. Even older, lower-end phones can usually capture at least 1,920x1,080-pixel video at 30 frames per second. Clear out as much storage as possible to make room for new footage and you're good to go.

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