iphone case 8 kate spade

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iphone case 8 kate spade

The results from our hip-height drop onto the sidewalk were not as good. Upon first look, it seemed to have survived, but a closer inspection revealed a hairline fracture that started as a tiny crack on the left border and extended from one side of the screen to the other. The back was unscathed. The front was already compromised, but we decided to see how much higher we needed to go to cause some damage on the back. The next drop was from 5 feet, or eye-level onto stone tile. We dropped the phone with its back facing down so that the back panel would absorb the initial shock, which it did, but it bounced around again before landing screen side up.

Based solely on our unscientific results (and Corning), it would appear that the Gorilla Glass 5 on the back is tougher at withstanding drops than the Gorilla Glass 3 on the front, According to LG, however, the newer Gorilla Glass was more susceptible to hairline scratches in their testing which is why it chose to go with the older Gorilla Glass 3 for iphone case 8 kate spade the screen, And since we didn't test for scratching, it's nearly impossible to prove one way or another, So put a case on it for some peace of mind, and don't forget to protect that screen..

We dropped the G6 from different heights onto some rough surfaces and discovered that not all the glass is made equal on this phone. LG gave its flagship phone a major makeover this year with a new all-glass design and a nearly bezelless display. But beauty comes at a price. The G6 has more surface real-estate than its aluminum predecessor, which means there's more to break in a fall. And as it turns out, not all surfaces are made equal on the G6. Strangely, the curved glass panel on the back is made from the strongest Gorilla Glass 5, but the screen's glass uses the overall weaker Gorilla Glass 3.

Has it made us unidirectional?, So how about blaming it for the impasse in Washington?, In iphone case 8 kate spade an interview with Bloomberg, New England Patriots' owner and staunch Donald Trump friend Robert Kraft suggested that iPhones have destroyed our ability to get along, Kraft spoke about the importance in business of building relationships, "With iPhones and texting, a lot of things are one-way," he explained, "I think it's impacted Washington because there's not the discussion and the empathy and understanding people's point of view that's different than yours."He continued: "The only way you can change things is to convince people to do what you think is right, but you can't do that if you're only one-way."Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment, but it's not as if iPhones and texting only incite one-way communication, Don't most people at least say "thank you" when they get a sext?..

He explained how Trump was a great friend to him after his wife died. He said that "loyalty and friendship trumps politics for me.""He does things or says things that sometimes .. you know, he doesn't mean everything he says," Kraft revealed. He added: "I don't believe that he is portrayed properly." Kraft conceded that "part of it is self-inflicted with some of the style he uses, but I really hope things will be much better three to six months from now."Perhaps, some will mutter, if Trump puts away his iPhone and stops tweeting, he might sound more a president for all. It might help him understand everyone better, too.

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