iphone case for xs

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iphone case for xs

Patricia Puentes - Editor. I wanted to make my son's monthly photos really cute and found that Baby Pics (iOS/Android) has lots of features in the free version, and even more in the paid version. What has transpired since is I've been using this app for doctoring up almost any photo I post. Basically I look super artistic without doing much. Danielle Ramirez - Senior Production Manager. Who says no to free money? Or should I say.. Refunds! SIFT (iOS only) automatically tracks your Amazon and online purchases. If the product goes on sale within three months, the app will automatically alert you to submit a claim via your credit card. Submit an application with your details and the app will take care of the rest. Within two to three weeks, you'll get the difference.

John Kim - Video Producer, I know Hearthstone (iOS/Android) has been out since 2014, but every time I think I'm out, Blizzard releases a new expansion that pulls me back in, If you haven't tried it yet, it's a trading card game in the vein of Magic: The Gathering that's fast paced and a perfect time killer for the commute, Donovan Farnham - Roadshow Social Media Editor, I've become iphone case for xs hooked on the Sibley eGuide to Birds App (iOS/Android), the $20 electronic version of David Sibley's top-notch bird identification book, The paper book is great, but it's bulky and almost always stays at home even when I'm out with binoculars or camera, The app includes illustrations, text, range maps for 810 species, and unlike the book, can play immensely useful audio recordings of bird calls, too..

Stephen Shankland - Senior Editor. I'm a big fan of video games and have been since I was a kid. I play plenty of modern games, but the game that has my attention right now is a remake of a classic. Galaga Wars (iOS/Android) uses one finger control to move your ship as you blast away at waves of enemies. I really like that I can just play for a little bit during my commute without a lot of commitment. Fun game. Jason Parker - Senior Editor. I know this is probably pretty common, but my favorite app lately is Spotify (iOS/Android). Yeah, sure, I can listen to a crap-ton of music, especially since I'm a premium member ($9.99/month), but it also comes in handy for blocking out the horrible robot-passing-a-kidney-stone squealing that attacks my ears any time I'm on the train.

Jeff Sparkman - Senior Copy Editor, My favorite app at the moment is WhatsApp (iOS/Android) because it allows me to stay in touch with friends and family all over the world, We have video conversations, we share documents and do some old fashioned phone calls, I know that Messenger from Facebook works too, but WhatsApp is more stable, It's also been very popular in Mexico from the beginning so everyone has it, My only complaint iphone case for xs is that we should have a way to move our archived conversations from iOS to Android..

Tania Gonzalez - Audience Development Manager. Clash Royale (iOS/Android) is an awesome mobile MOBA game that pairs you with a random opponent for a intense three minute battle. It's free to pay with in-app purchases, but it's not required to make any purchases to have a great time. Justin Cauchon - Product Manager. If I had a house, it would be filled to the brim with designer chairs (and dogs), but since I don't, I live vicariously through my current favorite app, Design Home (iOS/Android). It's a game where you get to decorate the interiors of different rooms with specific motifs (ie: "luxurious living room", "modern dining room", "contemporary bedroom") and submit them to be evaluated by your peers, AKA fellow Design Home designers.

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