iphone case jb hi fi

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iphone case jb hi fi

I can't imagine Apple CEO Tim Cook wearing one of these in order to rally his troops. I can, however, imagine the president wearing one in order to shame Apple into bringing all its manufacturing back to the US. Hats can often make a powerful statement. Updated 9.48 a.m: adds comment from Hoyos. Technically Incorrect: Bringing you a fresh and irreverent take on tech. Virtual reality 101: CNET tells you everything you need to know about VR. Commentary: Roberto Hoyos thinks Apple isn't what it used to be. So he's selling a red hat that looks like another red hat you've seen a lot over the last year.

To start off, from the Primitive Technology channel, this guy goes into the bush of Far North Queensland, Australia to build primitive tools and machines, What's really cool is he doesn't talk during any of the videos because he prefers to show you the action, In this one, he builds a water-powered hammer that could be used to pulverize grain into flour, removing human power from a repetitive task, Next, TheBackyardScientist makes a giant mouse trap supposedly because he has a raccoon problem -- at least, that's the setup, It's clear he built it to smash things and when you see its power, you'll see why I shared this video (seriously, no iphone case jb hi fi animals were harmed!)..

In this one, Derek Muller from the science and education channel Veritasium goes up in a zero-gravity plane to test what happens to a flame in zero G. Oh, and he also jumps around and has a great time. Finally, in this video from SpaceX you get to see a NROL-76 rocket from start to finish as it goes up to orbit, detaches from the propulsion unit then comes back to Earth and lands on a pad. This one is truly amazing to watch. Batteries Not Included: The CNET team reminds us why tech is cool. CNET Magazine: Check out a sample of the stories in CNET's newsstand edition.

From primitive tools to the most futuristic technology humanity iphone case jb hi fi has to offer, these are my favorite trending videos on YouTube this week, For the past couple months I've been sharing my favorite trending videos on YouTube, but I stay away from the usual political, music, or sports videos, It's fun because I find there are always a few diamonds in the rough that are either educational, entertaining or funny, This week I found a really good selection of clips that I guarantee will have you mesmerized..

It's hard to tell what these early units had been exposed to prior to us getting our hands on it, so we decided to test out this scenario on a brand-new, store-bought unit. From what we know, LG used the same glass on both devices and this time around the screen-down flip onto cement did not cause any damage to screen. The real testing began with our next drop from pocket (or purse) height onto the sidewalk. We dropped the phone from 3 feet onto a slanted sidewalk. The phone bounced around before landing screen down on the pavement.

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