iphone screen protector 6 vs 7

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iphone screen protector 6 vs 7

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. I wonder, however, whether this may be M-W trying to grab headlines again. (Bravo, word-nerds.). Last month, the dictionary poked at President Donald Trump for his sometimes inventive spelling. And in January, it tweeted out the definition of "fact," following Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway's reference to "alternative facts."M-W is not the first dictionary to recognize the significance of "sheeple." It was an Oxford English Dictionary word of the day in January 2013.

Still, there may be some truth in M-W's barb, Who can forget Samsung delighting at the sight of Apple fans lining up to collect their new gadgets every launch day? Samsung mocked them way back in 2011 in one of its finest ad campaigns, In the end, though, who's to say which one is the brand of the people and not the brand of the sheeple?, Batteries Not Included: The CNET team reminds us why tech is iphone screen protector 6 vs 7 cool, CNET Magazine: Check out a sample of the stories in CNET's newsstand edition, Commentary: This won't please everyone who loves their iPhone, Your devotion is officially tied to a derogatory term..

Editor's note: Every week we ask a question around the office to see what CNET folks think. This week we asked which app they were using the most on their phones right now. My favorite app is the addictive and free Blendoku 2 (iOS/Android), basically a game in which you construct color gradients from increasingly difficult sets of colors. It's a huge drain on my HTC 10's battery -- to play properly you've got to crank the screen brightness all the way up -- and I've finished every game, but it still gifts me with a new one every midnight. I'm frequently late to work because I get sucked in while having my morning coffee and lose track of time.

Lori Grunin - Senior Editor, I'm a sucker for a good photo filter app and A Color Story (iOS/Android) is so Instagram-ready it hurts, The free presets have that high-key look that brings out all the detail in your phone photos, plus there's tons of other packages you can buy if you want to move beyond the basic presets, Using it on the Google Pixel and iPhone 6, Lexy Savvides - Senior Editor, WeatherScope (iOS/Android) is my new favorite weather app because I can watch live streams from around the world from other users in 4K, and it tells me the weather, A great example is the screenshot I included because I could see what the weather and waves (!) were like at the iphone screen protector 6 vs 7 beach in Pacifica, California when I was thinking about going surfing..

Andy Altman - Associate Editor. If I have to choose just one I am going with Strava (iOS/Android). I use it on my iPhone 6 to track my runs and hikes. It is great especially for runs because I can see my progress. It is easy to keep motivated and try to compete against yourself that way. Also against other people, I guess, but I'm not much into that, and I only have six followers/people who I follow. My favorite feature is the little map of the area where you ran that you can see on your Feed. It's addicting. I'm especially proud of my runs in Tokyo being immortalized that way (even though it was hot and humid and I really wanted to quit running and just go eat something).

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