iphone screen protector void warranty

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iphone screen protector void warranty

Speaking of video, an Android phone with nothing else to do can easily pull baby monitor duty, and in fact can rival or even exceed standalone products costing a pretty penny. All you need is an app like Dormi, which is designed expressly for this purpose. In addition to both audio and video monitoring, the app offers two-way audio so you can talk to (and hopefully soothe) a crying baby from afar. Speaking of afar, you can tap into the audio/video feeds from just about anywhere, provided the Android phone is connected via Wi-Fi. Dormi also supports multiple "parent" devices to the phone that's doing the monitoring. The app is free but limits you to 4 hours per month of monitoring. To unlock lifetime monitoring, there's a one-time fee of $9 (AU$11.89, £7).

No baby? Consider putting your Android on door duty instead, No, the phone itself doesn't go outside; you'll need to install either an outdoor Wi-Fi webcam or a smart doorbell, Then your phone can iphone screen protector void warranty serve as a full-time video monitor, one that lives on, say, a coffee table or nightstand, For example, the Canary Flex is a versatile, security-minded webcam that can go just about anywhere -- including outside, Alternately, check out video doorbells like the August Doorbell Cam, DoorBird Video Door Station, Ring Video Doorbell and SkyBell Video Doorbell..

Stick your old phone where you'd normally stick a GoPro. One final video option: Turn your old phone into a GoPro. Again, that's a solid camera in there, so all you need is a way to mount it for action-video duty. Velocity Clip, for example, offers phone mounts for your bike, chest and head, all of them priced in the $40-to-$50 range (AU$53-AU$66, £31-£39) . Granted, a smartphone is a little unwieldy when strapped to your head, but it's still way cheaper than buying a separate GoPro. Whatever mount option you end up with, hit up eBay for a cheap Bluetooth camera-shutter button. (They're available for as little as a few dollars.) That way you can start and stop video recording without having to fiddle with the phone while it's mounted.

Don't buy a VR headset that lacks these lens-adjustment dials, Get ready for a surprise, That old Android phone of yours? Virtual-reality powerhouse! It's true: A smartphone can serve up some terrific VR experiences, All you need is a headset and some apps, Even more surprising: a headset won't cost you much, Amazon, for example, offers dozens of universally compatible VR goggles priced in the $20-to-$35 range (AU$26-AU$46, £15-£27), Look iphone screen protector void warranty for a model that lets you adjust focal width and length, the better to accommodate less-than-perfect vision, I also recommend choosing one that comes with a Bluetooth gamepad, the better to control games and access menus..

As for the apps, hit the Google Play Store and search for "VR" or "Google Cardboard." Both will reveal a wealth of games and other experiences that are compatible with nearly any Android and VR headset. Don't want to spend $129 for Google's voice-powered smart speaker? That's understandable, especially when you can put together something similar for a lot less. Unless it's really old, your old phone can listen for and respond to voice commands, same as a Google Home. So all you need is a speaker to round out the equation.

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