lovecases check yo self iphone 8 / 7 case - sparkling black reviews

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lovecases check yo self iphone 8 / 7 case - sparkling black reviews

lovecases check yo self iphone 8 / 7 case - sparkling black reviews

But if you're seeking a really significant storage boost, your only option is to upgrade, right? You'll need an iPhone or iPad with more space. SanDisk's iXpand drives can add up to a whopping 256GB extra storage to your iPhone or iPad. Not necessarily! External storage devices can give you virtually unlimited extra space for music, movies, photos, documents and other data. And many of them are surprisingly affordable. These devices fall into two main categories: plug-in storage (think: flash drive for your iPhone or iPad) and wireless media hubs.

A phone-friendly flash drive will give you either a fixed amount of storage or a card reader that holds removable media (usually microSD), For example, SanDisk's iXpand line offers anywhere from 32GB to 256GB, with a Lightning connector at one end and USB 3.0 at the other, It has a wraparound design so the bulk of the drive hugs the back of your phone or tablet, rather than sticking way out from the bottom, The similarly designed Leef iAccess has no onboard storage; rather, it accommodates microSD cards, which could prove useful if you want to, say, lovecases check yo self iphone 8 / 7 case - sparkling black reviews view photos or videos captured on an external camera..

Drives like these aren't usually connected full-time; you access them as you need them. Suppose, for example, you're taking a long trip. You want to bring along your entire music library -- not just the handful of playlists that fit on your 16GB iPad Mini -- and enough movies to last you through two or more long flights. With one of these drives, you can stock up on songs, podcasts, videos and whatnot, while still leaving space on your iDevice for apps and other stuff. You can even offload the photos and videos you've captured, thereby actually freeing up space.

In broad strokes, the plug-in drives work like this, Step 1: Connect the drive to your PC, then fill it with any and all media/data you want to bring along, Step 2: Install the companion app that goes with the drive, Step 3: Run the app, then connect to the drive, Now you can stream your media, view your photos, access your documents, transfer files and so on, The RAVPower FileHub Plus is not just a wireless media hub, but also a travel router and mobile charger, Don't want anything sticking out of your device? Consider a wireless drive, also known as a media hub, These come in many sizes and capacities, but make sure you choose one that includes a pass-through option, which allows your device to stay connected lovecases check yo self iphone 8 / 7 case - sparkling black reviews to a Wi-Fi network while simultaneously connected to the drive, Otherwise it's a huge hassle to disconnect and reconnect all the time..

By the way, if you need a lot of added space, a few companies offer wireless hard drives that work much the same way. Seagate's wireless drive offers 500MB of mobile, pocket-friendly external storage. For example, the Western Digital MyPassport Wireless comes in 1TB and 2TB flavors. It can back up your iPhone photos and lets you access music, videos and other media. Just beware that prices start at around $150, AU$200 or £130, and it's a bit too bulky to carry in a pocket. If you want something a little more portable, check out the Seagate Wireless Mobile Storage drive, which features 10 hours of battery life and a pocket-friendly design. The 500MB model lists for $130, AU$170 or £110, but I've seen it for half that on Amazon. (Prices and availability are very much subject to change.).

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