m sport iphone case

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m sport iphone case

The 12-megapixel camera has an automatic mode that's got plenty of filters, auto-HDR and panorama, but not the truckload of features you see on other devices. This might suit you fine, especially if you mostly take photos using automatic mode. There's a pro mode you can turn on in the camera settings, which gives you much finer control over white balance, ISO and all the rest. An 8-megapixel front-facing camera takes straightforward selfies. You can apply the usual filters. What I think so far. Image quality was fine, but not as bright or lush as the Galaxy S8, which also has a 12-megapixel lens. Images were a little less detailed on the KeyOne, but so far I'd be happy enough to share them online and with friends.

BlackBerry fans will be glad to see BlackBerry Hub, which is a universal message inbox and BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), as well as the Dtek app for peering into your phone's security protocols, The KeyOne will work with the BES server, In addition to everyday buyers, the folks behind the BlackBerry brand are also reaching out to businesses and m sport iphone case government agencies to support the phone, What I think so far, I've never gotten into the BlackBerry Hub; for me, it was and still is information overload, But I do like BlackBerry's take on the look and feel of its software -- it makes it seem like a distinctly BlackBerry device that happens to run Android, You see elements of this in the square layout of your recent apps (when you tap the Recents button) and a bubble you see floating on the screen when you tap out of the dialer during a call, You just tap it again to get back to the dialer..

The first great smartphone of 2015. Beautiful and bold..with complications. The new no-compromise MacBook. A stellar on-ear headphone. Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. Here's what I think after some time with the BlackBerry's ambitious keyboard phone. The Blackberry Key2 has been officially revealed. And yes, it has a physical keyboard. Weeks after BlackBerry revealed the brand's big comeback phone, to the joy of BlackBerry die-hards and other lovers of physical keyboards, the KeyOne finally landed on my desk. Full disclaimer: I've been given a preproduction unit, and it isn't finished. (It got a software update yesterday, in fact.) Things could still change by the time the phone is fully released at the end of May; therefore, no rated review from me just yet. This is not a phone to judge quickly or lightly.

But, alas, things move fast in the phone industry, And if Google wants its successors to keep up with its rivals this year, which includes the superb S8, it'll need to do a few things., Now that the m sport iphone case S8, G6 and Apple iPhone 7 can all survive a dunk underwater, the Pixel 2 (or whatever Google will wind up calling it) will have to be able to do the same if it wants to stay afloat, Though the current splash-resistant Pixel can shrug off a few droplets of water, that won't be enough this time around, Instead, it should be fully dunkable, at least in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, Known as IPX8, that's the standard most of today's flagships satisfy..

And while we're on the subject of surviving the elements, Google still needs to ensure the Pixel's durability. When I accidentally dropped the Pixel last year, the screen survived but the glass shade on the back cracked. I'm not saying Google should all-out ruggedize its upcoming flagship, but it should keep in mind that the S8's display survived all our drop tests (the G6 on the other hand.. not so much). More than just splashproof, the S8 is fully dunkable underwater. The Pixel was available in 32GB and 128GB variants with no option to expand. But because both the S8 and G6 house external storage up to 2TB, it'd be a major drag if the next Pixel couldn't do the same. As mentioned before, Google offered unlimited cloud storage for photos (including high-resolution images and 4K video). But if you're like me and feel uneasy about uploading pictures onto a server, it'd be nice to save your memories on a microSD card instead.

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