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“I lean more toward attachment parenting, and I feel like it’s really great, all the info that’s out there, but it can go too far and become the stereotype of overthinking everything,” Wells says. “We poke some fun at that onstage, with a stack of books on parenting. In rehearsal, we’ve been using some of them for material. When the kid throws a tantrum what do you do? Ignore him or pay attention?” With “Father On,” Wells and Smith are finding creative sustenance in a realm of human experience that has been ignored for far too long.

That overhead projection, showing Beethoven’s hand-penned score of 1806, with all its spirited cross-outs, erasures, revisions and refinements, will be beamed to the audience from the MacBook of first violinist Nicholas Kitchen, He downloaded it from a vast online archive of free editions in the public domain — and voilà, “It’s as close as you can get to the object as it was created — recaptured through technology, almost archaeologically,” he says, Plus, there’s something about the interactivity of the digitally beamed performance: “When you see the notes go up (vertically), you’ll hear them go up (in pitch), ballet When you hear them go down, you’ll see them go down, Many people who don’t read music, they say, ‘Wow, I can really sort of follow it.’ It’s exciting for them.”..

In addition, she said, the special fifth-grade program provides students with team-building and other challenging experiences. “Rockwall climbing, taking night hikes and different activities teach kids how to empower themselves and realize they have enough in them to overcome their fears,” Figueroa said. The teacher said that the speech by Bridges “is always pretty wonderful each year” and should be uplifting again on Jan. 24. “Though our nation can’t seem to work past the race issue, our school does. Every student at Ruby Bridges has friends of a different color. We have no choice — we have so many different beautiful cultures in our school, and we wouldn’t want it any other way,” Figueroa said. “This reflects what our nation could be like, and that ties into why the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir support us.”.

Don’t miss Cook’s Chasm, named after the famous 18th-century British explorer who sailed past the spot on Saint Perpetua’s ballet Day en route to “discovering” Hawaii, and Devil’s Churn, where the evocatively named half-mile long Trail of the Restless Waters takes you past some spectacularly crashing surf, If you time your visit for high tide, you’ll be able to see the ocean at Cook’s Chasm booming through a natural blow hole high into the air like a whale’s spout, And Sand Smelt State Beach right at the north end of Yachats is a picturesque wind-worn cove accented by offshore boulders that goad the waves into performing all sorts of ungainly dances, This is a great place to bring a light picnic, sit on a driftwood log and watch the show — just don’t turn your back on those waves..

Yes, Trump told Comey in a March 30, 2017 phone conversation that he was concerned that the “golden showers thing” would cast a “cloud” over his presidency. Trump insisted the claim wasn’t true, asking Comey: “Can you imagine me, hookers?”. Comey then writes in his book: “In an apparent play for my sympathy, (Trump) added that he has a beautiful wife and the whole thing has been very painful for her. He asked what we could do to ‘lift the cloud.’ ”.

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