best iphone screen protectors 2017

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best iphone screen protectors 2017

The Pixel already has a first-rate camera, and if Google didn't feel like touching it, it'd still fare well, if not better, than many of the phones out now. But it had a couple of weaknesses that could be improved. Its Lens Blur feature, for instance, which blurs the background with a "bokeh effect" to make for more dramatic portraits, didn't look as smooth compared to the iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone also captured clearer low-light video and recorded steadier footage when in motion. If the Pixel's successor shored up these holes, its camera would be nearly perfect.

Both the Pixel and Pixel XL lasted about 13 hours during our battery drain test for continuous video playback on Airplane mode, That's a great time to clock in, and if the next Pixel held that same time, it'll be on par with the G6 at least, But if Google wants to stay competitive, it'll have to do better, The S8 and S8 Plus lasted 16 and 18 hours, respectively, so it'll be fantastic if the upcoming Pixel can hit those numbers if not higher, I was already fond of the Pixel's elegant design, and I'm not one to hop on every phone trend that comes through the pipeline, But people have always been infatuated with bezelless phones long before this year, and now that the S8 and G6 have thin bezels, the new Pixel risks looking dated if it doesn't follow best iphone screen protectors 2017 suit, I'm not saying that barely there bezels are a must-have, and if Google flipped the script in phone design in another welcome way, I'd be all for it, But thin bezels will help usher the handset into today's sleek tech aesthetic..

We'll have to wait until the fall to see what Google has in store. Google's annual developer conference, I/O, will be held in a couple of weeks, starting May 17. The company usually doesn't make hardware announcements then (though it has done so in the past). Instead, we expect the next flagship phone to be announced later in the fall, usually around October. Stay tuned when Google officially announces it, and until then, keep tabs on the rumored features that have already been speculated, like.

Now that the Galaxy S8 is the Android phone to beat, what does Google's next flagship need to stay ahead of the curve?, Now that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are out, Google's followup to its Pixel and Pixel XL phones are the only big-name Android flagships best iphone screen protectors 2017 left to be excited about this year (sorry HTC), When it launched last October, the Pixel was one of our favorite phones, and it did a lot of things right, It looked great; it received quick Google software updates; it had a great camera with unlimited photo storage; I loved its near-vanilla version of the Android Nougat interface; and Google Assistant gave it a leg-up for a while (at least before other devices updated with the digital search assistant, too)..

Apple CEO Tim Cook says iPhone sales in China were affected by rumors of an upcoming iPhone. No where was that effect more apparent than in China, where it is part of the culture to buy the newest gadgets, Cook said. "That probably affects us more in China than other places because there's a tendency there to buy the latest thing," he said. "Although I have to say, the 7 Plus has done extraordinarily well there, and it's up double digits from the previous year, comparing to the previous generation of product."Cook's comments come after Apple on Tuesday reported a slight drop in quarterly iPhone unit sales to 50.8 million units, below the 52.2 million analysts had expected. Cook's comments about the rumor mill echo statements he made during an earnings call later Tuesday.

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