best iphone screen protector 8

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best iphone screen protector 8

You'll find Spotify Codes on Spotify's iOS and Android phone apps. They showed up neither on its iPad app nor its desktop app when I looked. In my brief testing, Spotify quickly scanned the codes and immediately opened whatever it was I scanned. If I was currently playing a song, then whatever I scanned immediately started playing. When I wasn't listening to anything when I scanned a code, then Spotify just opened the playlist, song, album but didn't start automatically playing it. Give it a try -- open Spotify on your phone and scan the code below to start listening to Mac Demarco's new album.

Spotify Codes are a great addition to its phone apps, but I don't expect them to be contained there for long, It's only a matter of best iphone screen protector 8 time until they start showing up on band flyers and concert posters, (Via Spotify News), You scan and Spotify delivers, Spotify has made it easier to grab a friend's kickin' playlist or any song, album or artist that catches your ear for that matter, Similar to Snapcodes, Spotify Codes let you scan a QR-like bar code to start listening to something playing on another phone or save it for a later listen..

I can't see Cook wearing one of these, can you?. He seems, though, to have inspired one man with his hat. Roberto Hoyos, the man behind the Throwboy pillow company, seems to have taken one look at the president's signature red hat and thought: "I need to stand up for the oppressed people too."Here, then, is his "Make Apple Great Again" hat. For sale at a bargain $24.95, this bears all the hallmarks of the original hat that promised to make America great. The product description of this headgear offers the deep frustrations of surely more than one Apple diehard.

"Remember the days when their products surprised you, excited you and held a special place in your heart? Remember when the keynotes were dynamic, genuinely funny and full of showstoppers?" it says, "Throwboy remembers."Oh, but times change, Roberto, I'm not sure Apple even enjoys those keynotes anymore, It's best iphone screen protector 8 now a very big global company, not a little upstart rebel ready to tweak Big Brother, Throwboy, though, continues to throw shade: "And like you, we've been asking ourselves 'what are they doing?' time and time again, We know the present is going great, but we want the future to be insanely great."With all the troubles in the world -- the tech world included -- it's a little insane to be expecting greatness..

Excitement, though, shouldn't be too much to ask. Especially when Apple continues to claim it peddles magic -- even if it's now of a practical kind. Apple didn't immediately responded to requests for comment. Hoyos, however, told me he's been an Apple fan since the '90s. He offered me a specific example of a product area in which he thinks Apple has faltered. "The new MacBook Pro is a great example of Apple prematurely abandoning technology that is still in a professional workflow, in favor of a thinner design and ports that have yet to be widely adopted," he said.

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